Aktar Sardar

Aktar Sardar

So far my personal life remain unfulfilled. I am looking forward to meet my soul mate to lead a peaceful, enjoyable life. Since professionally life deeply linked to personal life I must say that professionally so far I enjoyed a satisfactory life. My professional aim is based on vision, courage, innovation, requirement based national economic development related policy development, introduction, improvement and implementation to reflect results to national economic growth, stability and economic independence for LDCs, developing and development seeking countries. To identify problems that LDCs, developing and development seeking countries facing (on short and long term basis) to improve national economy and to contribute for developing nations to emerge as developed nation. To work to convert problems of developing nations in to opportunities to progress to secure prosperity and to unwrap possibilities for youths and young entrepreneurs to convert problems in to opportunities and to capitalize policy to make good use of opportunities in the field of Foreign Trade, Regulatory Banking, Transport Industry, Maritime Commerce, Ships, Shipping business related industry as â??shipping is perhaps the most international of the world's industriesâ?, serving more than 90 per cent of global trade by carrying huge quantities of cargo cost effectively, cleanly and safely to serve very core of the economy of countries which is the key facilitator to foreign trade. As I am looking for my soul mate I believe exchanging ideas, information, expectations, desires etc., on each other may help to learn from about each other as to what we have in common that could encourage us to get together, obviously if that is our destiny. Beside self-interest surely there are many other type of interest that makes one find the other person interesting. No harm to know a person briefly on plus/minus consideration as it may lead us to some important things in life. Be it is for a long term relationship or to find ways to close the chapter. A person that has expressed interest in you not necessarily is the person that you need to get glued to, if both are not found compatible we must say good bye before it is late. However how to know compatibility without interacting? Obviously same goes with me as well. So, letâ??s talk to know if we are to continue talking or if our discussion takes us to any other direction or if we are to turn to a friendly relationship and/or to end our discussion with hostility(!). I do not believe in enmity between people but believe in harmony in all type of relationship, between all of us as humanity stand as top priority for all of us, for mankind.

Lives in Kathmandu, Nepal

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