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Venture Capital Investor, Entrepreneur. Learn more at

Lives in San Francisco, CA, United States

Went to Harvard University


  • he is manoj boss but never show of our attitude and he is a great person also a good speaker
  • Ash sir is good man and also a good listener.
  • He is best at planning and executing any project, a superb deal maker.
  • Ash is a smart guy, dedicated person. He believes on making his own beliefs rather than to follow other's. He always works hard to prove himself.
  • My brother Ashutosh is a deal-maker and a tough negotiator. He is driven by his beliefs and his own ambitions. He is a great listener. He is not a follower, not a manager, but a great leader. He makes friends very quickly, but loses them quickly as well because he is very selective in keeping the close people circle. PS: He may scream sometimes to get things done.
  • Ash has a track record of getting things done. He has been passionate and persistent with the issues that he cares about. Once he determines something, he will get it done. He is "different". Not only I say it, I mean it. Interesting fact: The village that he comes from does not have electricity, school or water even today.
  • I've known Ash for several years and I'm always impressed by his insight and courage. He is innovative and always trying to find ways to make the world better.
  • Committed, courageous, smart, thoughtful.
  • He is a nice guy.
  • Ashutosh has been one of my finest friends and more like a family member. I have seen him grow from a boy to a man. He and I share many fun memories as we grew up together. He has very sharp mind and I like his decision making ability. He has already had a lot of success in his academics and professional career. I wish him nothing but great in upcoming days and we will continue our friendship for a long long time.
  • Ash is an incredibly generous and ambitious person. He has greatly impacted my personal and professional life and was instrumental in my job recruiting process during college. This site is just another way he shows that he an outstanding individual with a lot of creativity.
  • An entrepreneur and a friend who can blow your mind by his thoughtfulness and charisma!
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Venture Capital Investor, Entrepreneur. Learn more at

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Harvard University



Houston, TX, United States


San Francisco, CA, United States


Venture Investor at Buckhill Capital

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