Careers at Callitme

Why join Callitme?

You are more talented and gifted than we are. You can help our organization in executing its goals.

College Representative

We are looking for college students to spread the word about Callitme in their college.

Candidate should have the following qualities:

  • You have strong relationship with campus organizations
  • You organize or crash at most of the college parties
  • You can't resist yourself from either appreciating or hating a project
  • You have a love or hate relationship with social networks


  • You know why Callitme was born and its importance in college life
  • You must have at least one semester remaining in school
  • You must have time to create the Callitme wave in your school

Why should you consider?:

  • You will get an exposure to online and offline marketing
  • Performance based incentive
  • Potential intership or employement with Callitme in the future
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Mobile App Developer

We're looking for mobile apps developer to join team. Candidates for this position should have strong knowledge of mobile app development.


  • Very strong Javascript, SQL, HTML5 and CSS3 skills
  • Mobile app development experience
  • Experience with with web frameworks like Kohana will be helpful
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PHP Developer

We are looking for PHP developers to join our team.


  • Very strong Javascript and HTML5/CSS3 skills
  • Solid knowledge of PHP Kohana framework or a comparable framework
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